Rubbing on Muslin, 10' x 10'

A Chupa is the Jewish traditional wedding canopy, usually of ornamented silk, satin or velvet, supported by four poles. This roof like covering or shelter is a vestige of the tent life of ancient Israel.

The canopy of “Chupa” is a rubbing techniques of lifting a design from a preformed carved surface, usually a funerary monument. The rubbing surface of “Chupa” is an original work by the artist titled “4444”. That work is comprised of 81 cast cement tiles forming a relief map of the railroad tracks to the extermination camps in Central Europe during World War II.

Viewer object-orientation, the concept of “place”, cultural commentary and materials are important elements informing my work as an artist. In “Chupa”, the viewer is encouraged to lie down on the blanket under the canopy, thereby becoming an active participant and an integral element in the art. Also, I select materials and process that relate to the tectonics, the structural language of a theme, to further enhance the connotation of the work.